Yin Xianqiang

  金莎娱乐Yin Xianqiang

  Associate Professor

  College of Natural Resources and Environment

  Northwest A&F University

  3 Taicheng Road P.O. Box 81

  Yangling, Shaanxi 712100, P.R China

  Fax: 86-29-87080055

  E-mail: xianqiangyin@yahoo.com <mailto:xianqiangyin@yahoo.com>


  Ph.D.  Jul. 2010  Biophysics, Northwest A&F University

  M.S.   Jul. 2004  Environmental Engineering, Northwest A&F University

  B.S.   Jul. 2000  Agricultural Environment Protection, Northwest A&F University


  Jan. 2012-present  Associate Professor, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University

  Jul. 2007-Jul. 2009  Visiting Scholar, Soil and Water Science Dept., IFAS, University of Florida

  Jul. 2005-Dec. 2011  Lecturer, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University

  Jun. 2000-Jun. 2005  Assistant Professor, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University


  Fate and Transport of Colloidal and Nano-Sized Particles in the Vadose Zone

  Remediation of Contaminated Soil


  1. National Natural Science Foundation of China (21207107): Mechanisms of Micro-nano Colloid-facilitated Transport of Vanadium (V) in Soil (2013.01-2015.12)

  2. Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China (2012JQ5012): the Plant-Chemical Combined Remediation of Mercury Contaminated Soil (2012.01-2015.12)

  3. Chinese Universities Scientific Fund (QN2011017): Mechanisms of Colloid Combined Heavy Metals in Different Soils (2011.01-2014.12)


  Undergraduate courses: 0615030024 Soil Contamination and Remediation, 0620050022 Environment Monitoring and Assessment, 06318 Treatment and Utilization of Solid Waste,06319  Control of Environmental Physical Pollution,0620030026 Agricultural Product’s Quality and Safety Monitoring, 06324 Comprehensive practice of pollution control, 06231 and 06332 Environmentology Conspectus

  Graduates Courses: sz003016 soil contamination and control, L7064039 soil contamination and control technology


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