Wang linquan

  The college of natural resources and environmental science,

  Northwest science and Technology University of Agriculture and Forestry

  Yangling, Shaaxi , China 712100

  Excellent Professional Skills of 25 years experience in the field of plant nutrition, fertilization, soil science etc. Specific positions include teaching assistant, lecturer, associate professor & professor in the Northwest A&F University, Visiting professor of Tibet University of China. There are decades of experience of teaching experience of soil science and fertilizer, plant nutrition and plant tissue and cell culture for undergraduate, and advanced plant nutrition and rhizosphere of plant nutrition etc for postgraduate.

  Education: The northwestern university of agriculture, Yangling, Shaanxi, China, I had Bachelor degree of soil science and agricultural chemistry in1985, Master degree in plant nutrition in the university in 1991, Ph.D of  Plant nutrition followed professor Li shengxiu  in1998. I did post-doctorate research in Institution of soil and water Conservation, Academia Sinica and Ministry of Water Resources 1999-2000. I was a visiting scholar of the Cambridge University in UK during 2001.8-2008.8.

  Research Experience

  1987-1993, joint developing of the plant growth regulator-- maize seed soaking agent and its extended. I studied extraction the biological active composition, such as allantoin, ferulic acids and anthoxanthin etc from compost and wild plant, and their biological effects.

  1994-1998, led the issue of national natural foundation of science of China--the study of biological substances in the cow manure and feces. I have studied methods of extraction, separation and identification of plant hormones, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, organic acids etc. and studied effects of the substances on growth and yields and quality of the wheat, corn and rape etc, and effects of organic acids on the soil nutrients availability.

  1999-2001, I led the issue of fertilization of apple trees in the shaanxi province, and joint the research project: the coupling of water and fertilization effectively in arid farm of north China, which is a key issue of national natural foundation of science; In the project, I studied the effect of water and N fertilizer coupling on the WEU of winter wheat etc.

  2001- 2002, I was a visiting scholar in the plant stress physiology lab. The main job is analysis of rice genes which control of Na influx to stele by QTL.I have determined Na influx rate of 90 lines of rice (O. Sativa) using the 22Na trace methods. I have located two major genes, which control Na+ influx, by QTL method. Since then I have a research interesting in the Na+ uptake, accumulation and translocation in plant and its relation with crop salt tolerance.

  2003-2005, joint the research project: the study of physiological and ecological characteristics of higher yield and high quality of crops cultures in northwest of China, which is a key issue of national natural foundation of science.

  2006-2008, I led the project: the coupling of water and N in alternating irrigation of maize field, which is the national natural foundation of science of China.

  2009-2011, I am leading the project: The selection of plants suited to the garden and soil amendment of world exposition of landscape of Xi’an of China in 2011.

  2010-2011 I jointed the research project: Innovative Research Team Program of Northwest A&F University

  2011-2012 I jointed the research project: Agricultural Scientific Research Talent and Team Program

  2013-2014 I am leading the project: The selection of Aquatic plants suited to the garden and soil survey and remediation, and water quality analysis of Xi 'an Chan Ba national wetland park

  Main work

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