Qiang Hong


  Name: Qiang Hong


  College of Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University,

  Taicheng Road No.3
Yangling, Shaanxi Province 712100

Phone: (86) 15202950791




  2007.10-2011.9: Studying for Ph.D. in the Lab of Environment Protection Engineering Tohoku University, Japan

  2006.10-2007.8: Studying Japanese language in Northeast Normal University in Changchun

  2000. 9-2004.7:  Studying as a master degree student in Department of Environment

  Science, Northwest Agricultural University

  1993 .9-1997.7:  Bachlor Degree in Environment Engineering, NanChang institute of Aeronautical technology



  My research interests are wastewater treatment, solid waste management and bioenergy production, especially the anaerobic biotechnologies including methane and hydrogen fermentation.



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