Meng Zhaofu

  金莎娱乐Professor Meng Zhaofu

  Meng Zhaofu,male,Ph D, Professor, doctoral supervisor, born in 1968 in Gaizhou, Liaoning Province.


  Postal address: College of Natural Resource and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, 712100, SHAANXI Province, P R China

  Tel: 0086-29-87080055 (College office)



  2006-2007, Visiting scholar in Environment and Chemistry laboratory, University of Provence, Marseille, France.

  2000-2004, Doctorate degree, major of Soil Science, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, P R China.

  1996-1999, Master degree, major of Environmental Engineering, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, P R China.

  1985-1989, Bachelor degree, major of Analytical Chemistry, Northwest University, Xi’an, P R China.

  Working experiences:

  As a teacher and researcher in College of Natural Resource and Environment, Northwest A&F University, Working in majors of, 1 Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science; 2 Applied Chemistry. A member of both Chinese Chemical Society and Chinese Agro-ecology Protection Association. Being selected in first series of youth researcher supporting plan of Northwest A&F University in 2005.

  2009.1-Present, Professor in Northwest A&F University.

  2003.1-2008.12, Associate Professor in Northwest A&F University

  1996.4-2002.12, Lecture in Northwest Agricultural University.

  1989.7-1995.4, Assistant engineer in Shaanxi Petrol and Chemicals Construction Co. Ltd.

  Research interests:

  1, Soil Environmental Chemistry, Focused on behavioral feature and variation trend of soil pollutants.

  2, Soil Remediation of Environment Pollution, Focused on simultaneously adsorption of heavy metals and organic pollutants in soil.

  3. Treatment of industry and agriculture wastewater.

  4. Treatment of Solid Waste.

  Recent research projects:

  1, Structure-Effect Mechanism and Simultaneous Adsorption of Organic and Heavy Metal Pollutants on Amphoteric-Combine-Modified-Clay, Funded by national natural science foundation of China (nsfc), 2013-2016

  2, Key technology for prevention and treatment of organics pollution in underground water, Funded by Scientific research plan of Shaanxi province, 2013-2015

  3, Treatment technology for industry organic fluorine wastewater, Cooperation with enterprise, 2011-2014

  4, Development and application of new technology for treatment of agriculture wastewater, Cooperation with University of Arkansas, 2011-2014

  Recent publication:

  Up to now, there are more than ninety research papers published, some recently selected papers are listed as follows:

  1.LI Bin, MENG Zhao-fu*, WANG Jian-tao, MA Lin-li, XU Shao-e, YANG Shu-ying. Adsorption of Phenol on Amphoteric-Cationic Modified Bentonites, Journal of Agro-Environment Science, 33(6), pp1131-1138, 2014

  2.MA Lin-li, MENG Zhao-fu*, YANG Shu-ying, YANG Ya-ti, WANG Jian-tao, LI Bin.Cd2+ Adsorption of BS-Tween20 Compounded Modified Bentonite, Acta Pedologica Sinica, 51(6), pp1309-1316, 2014

  3.WANG Jian-tao, MENG Zhao-fu*, YANG Ya-ti, YANG Shu-ying, LI Bin, MA Lin-li, XU Shao-e. Effect of SDS on the Adsorption of Cd2+ onto Amphoteric Modified Bentonites, Environmental Science, 35(7), pp2596-2603, 2014

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