Dongli Liang

Northwest A&F University, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering

Yangling, Shaanxi Province 712100

Phone +86 (0) 87082583 or mobile + (0)86 13572188208


B.S. Soil and Agricultural Chemistry, China Agricultural University, 1984

Ph.D. Plant Nutrition, Northwest A&F University, 2003

Professional Positions Held:

2012 –present, professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University

2011 – 2005, associate professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University

2006-2007, Visiting Scientist, Department of Land Resources and Environment, Montana State of University

2000-2004, associate researcher, Soil and Fertilizer institute, College of Natural Resources and Environment, Northwest A&F University

1993-1999, Assistant Researcher, Soil and Fertilizer institute, Shaanxi Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

1984-1992, Research Assistant, Soil and Fertilizer institute, Shaanxi Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

Research projects:

2015.01-2019.12,Investigation of heavy metals pollution situation for raw materials of primary agricultural products in China.  

2012.01-2015.12, Selenium speciation and fractions transformation in dryland area and their effects on bioavailability, National Natural Science Foundation of China

2009.01-2013.12, Heavy metals threshold in the seeds of wheat in planting area, special project for Agriculture of China, Ministry of Agriculture

2009.01-2013.12, Monitoring of toxic matter and health safety of wheat in China, Earmarked Fund for Modern Agro-industry Technology Research System

2008.01-2010.12, The study and demonstration of key techniques on the high efficiency fertilization in the northwest dryland area of China. Sino-Sweden cooperative project

2004.01-2006.12, Denitrification loess of nitrogen fertilizer in loess soil. National Natural Science Foundation of China,

2003.1-2006.12, Study of physiological and ecological effects of different cultivation models on crop yields, quality, and environment in the dry-land area of Northwest China. Responsibilities: Project member, responsible for ecological effects part. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Key project),

2002-2004, Tenth Five-years planning from the Chinese government, Study and demonstration of ecological agricultural system. Responsibilities: Responsible for the project of non-point nitrogen pollution in Shaanxi area.

Teaching Experience:

2005- present, Environmental Chemistry for undergraduate( teaching in both English and Chinese)

2005-prsent, Environmental Monitoring for undergraduate

Hands on course for Environmental Monitoring

Field study o Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.

2007-2012, Environmental Chemistry of Soil for graduate student.  

Partial List of Research Journal Articles ( Since 2010):

1. LI Zhe, MAN Nan, WANG Songshan, LIANG Dongli*, LIU Juanjuan.  Selenite adsorption and desorption in some Chinese soils and their characteristics with soil physicochemical properties. Journal of soil and sediments.2015, 15:1150-1158

2. 69. Dasong.Yua, Dongli Lianga,*,Lingming Leia, Weiwei Songa,Rong Zhangb, X.F. Sunb, and Z.–Q. Lin,Selenium Accumulation in Soil, Plant, Water and Human Daily Dietary Selenium Intake in Northwestern Qinghai, China. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-015-4310-4

3. 68. Jun Li, Dongli Liang*, Siyue Qin,Puyang Feng,Xiongping Wu. Effects of selenite and selenate application on growth , selenium uptake and translocation of pakchoi under successive planting conditions. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-015-4344-7

4. Hu Bin, Liang Dongli, Lei Linming, Yu Dasong. Effects of copper and selenium fractions on soil urease and nitrate reductase activity in combined pollution soil.  Ecotoxicology   and environmental safety,  2014,110:41-48

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6. Lei Lingming, Yu Dasong, Chen Yupeng, Song Weiwei, Liang Dongli, Wang Zhaohui. Spatial distribution and sources of heavy metals in soils of Jinghui irrigated area of Shaanxi, China[J].  Transactions of the CSAE , 2014, 30(6):88-96. (in Chinese with English abstract)

7. XIE Jun-yu,YANG Feng,LIU Juan-juan,LIANG Dong-li,GUO Luo. Differences in mercury uptake and distribution of 8 wheat varieties.  Journal of A&F University( Nat. Sci. Ed.),  2014,42(11):129-134. (in Chinese with English abstract)

8. Wang T C, Qu G Z, Li J, Liang D L. Evaluation of the potential of soil remediation by firect multi-channel pulsed corona discharge in soil.  Journal of Hazardous Materials , 2014,264: 169-175.

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