About Us

  The College of Natural Resources and Environment at Northwest A&F University was established in July 2000 through the merger of four university departments and research institutes: (1) Northwest Agricultural University’s Department of Environmental Science, (2) Northwest Forestry College’s Department of Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification Control, (3) Shaanxi Province’s Soil and Fertilizer Research Institute and (4) the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Science’s Institute for the Management of the Loess Plateau. The combination of agriculture, natural science, geo-science, and environmental science into one body is a new form for university colleges. The origin of the College of Natural Resources and Environment dates back to 1930’s with the founding of the Northwest Advanced Technical College of Agriculture and Forestry (the predecessor to Northwest A&F University). The technical college began recruiting undergraduates in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry in 1936. Plant Nutrition was added shortly afterward. With the efforts of generations, undergraduate and postgraduate education within the college developed steadily. Currently the college has students at three academic levels: undergraduate, Master, and Ph.D, plus post-doctorates. A complete, multi-disciplinary educational system has been established. The College of Resources and Environment is currently directing the research Loess erosion environment ecological restoration theories and models, one of state key programs of national “211 projects”.

  In recent years, the College of Natural Resources and Environment are focusing on personnel training, subject construction, technology innovation and promotion, as well as expanding international cooperation and exchanges. Up to date, the college has 156 faculty members and staffs, 1526 undergraduate students and 719 graduate students.